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Healthcare & Diagnostics

Omega Diagnostics provides high quality IVD kits based on ELISA and agglutination technology. Hospitals, blood banks and clinical laboratories rely on Omega products for the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disorders; infertility; cancer and infectious diseases such as syphilis, tuberculosis and dengue.

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A subsidiary of Omega, Genesis Diagnostics specializes in the manufacture of kits for used in the diagnosis of autoimmune disorders. In collaboration with Cambridge Nutritional Sciences, also an Omega subsidiary, Genesis offers food intolerance detection kits through ELISA and microarray-based instrumentation.

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General Biologicals offers vitro diagnostic services and a wide range of ELISA-based kits to aid in the diagnosis of infectious diseases like HIV and hepatitis.

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Through immunodiagnostic and molecular diagnostic products and services, XCyton Diagnostics offers immunodiagnostic kits for infectious diseases, including HIV, hepatitis C, anticysticercal antibodies and Japanese encephalitis antibodies.

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Fisher Diagnostics provides coagulation kits, which have high reproducibility with proven performance, as our products can be run on most of the commercially available coagulation platforms in the market. Over years, Fisher Diagnostics has remained committed to the consistent supply of the best performing, high quality coagulation products.

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Clinical laboratories and hospitals will find that Fisher Scientific offers a wide range of liquid-stable biochemistry kits, grouping sera and turbilatex kits.

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BioTek develops and manufactures microplate instruments and software used every day by customers engaged in healthcare, pharmaceutical, agricultural and research applications.

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Drug discovery scientists who perform assay development and secondary screening in pharmaceutical and biotechnology laboratories rely on the Thermo Scientific comprehensive range of microplate technology products, as well as ELISA readers and washers offer detection technologies for both current and future application needs of customers as they are easy to use, reliable and convenient.

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Under the Qualisystems brand, Fisher Scientific offers a wide range of instrumentation, from coagulation analyzers to biochemistry instrumentation to ELISA readers and washers. This instrumentation provide superior performance, thus meeting the requirements of most medium to small clinical labs across India.

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